Impressive Selection for any Occasion

Special Features

  • Open-kitchen
  • Authentic Nepali Food
  • Served in a traditional,safe leaf plates
  • Bar-be-qued items especially popular for fish & duck.
  • Spectacular & multiscenic views combined with delectable food.
  • Lake View
  • Landing View for Paragliding
  • Veiw of Barahi temple, world peace pagoda, fisher, culture of local people on Fewa Lake surrouned by Green Hills or Mountains.
  • Almost all sort of fishes available in Fewa Lake are served in Nepali style offering Nepali taste.
  • Suitable for Picnic Spot & Film Shooting.
  • Dining on the floor plastered with mud, tiles resembling common traditional Nepali house.

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What is Nepali Food?

Nepali foods are prepared from locally available resources or ingredients through local methods of nepali people. These nepali food are different in the sense that use of color or essence is not followed as in the case of other cuisines or dishes. Diversity in religion, race, geographical region of the country have even caused diversity in the taste of locally available food.This may be due to difference in locally available ingredients or methods of preparation of food. Regionally,each state or geographical regions have uniqueness in its cuisine. Thus, exotic & unexplored cuisine of Nepal offers exciting range of flavours, culinary styles & endless gastronomic adventure. Nepalese people usually employ five methods for cooking. All Nepalese food are cooked on the basis of these methods.
a) Steaming (Bafaune)
b) Grilling (Damne)
c) Roasting (Sekne)
d) Boiling (Umalne)
e) Baking (Dum laune)
f) Frying (Tarne)

How to make food tasty?

Goal of every food chef is to prepare interesting & delicious food, So that customers will enjoy. The best way to achieve this goal may be:

  • Selection of best, fresh local products among the available one.
  • Every food has its own taste. Taste of a food can differ with the methods employed for cooking the same food example: fried potato & boiled potato.
  • Unnecessary spices, condiments & ascends should not be added. Appropriate spices with its limited amount should be preferred to enhance the real taste of food.
  • Mixture of oil should be strictly prohibited.
  • Water has tasteless character so decrement in the concentration of water in food can result tasty food.
  • Removal of micro-organism or prevention of growth of these organisms can present foul odour & taste in some extent.

Every person or individual selects food upon his interest & mood. The meaning of tasty food may differ from person to person. Likewise environmental condition & health of an individual can judge taste of food.