Impressive Selection for any Occasion

Special Features

  • Open-kitchen
  • Authentic Nepali Food
  • Served in a traditional,safe leaf plates
  • Bar-be-qued items especially popular for fish & duck.
  • Spectacular & multiscenic views combined with delectable food.
  • Lake View
  • Landing View for Paragliding
  • Veiw of Barahi temple, world peace pagoda, fisher, culture of local people on Fewa Lake surrouned by Green Hills or Mountains.
  • Almost all sort of fishes available in Fewa Lake are served in Nepali style offering Nepali taste.
  • Suitable for Picnic Spot & Film Shooting.
  • Dining on the floor plastered with mud, tiles resembling common traditional Nepali house.

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Nepali BBQ

It is a method of cooking food live in front of the customer or people. Customer or people themselves may also take part in preparing such foods. Food is consumed, as soon as it becomes ready to eat i.e within its cooking temperature.

In this method cooking temperature or heat to be employed may differ with the cutting style of food. i.e. smaller pieces of food requires short temperature or heat.

Larger pieces may require considerable time likewise. Authentic taste of BBQ of any items may be continued or preserved using modern equipment.